Attempting Happiness

The valley is not lonely
without me. I have made
my own winter pathway,
cold and uncertain, to a waterfall
that does not care whether I
witness its falling, that gives
its cascade to sky alone. What gift
to break like that. To be broken even
before the crash. I want
to be split and to fall
without ceasing, not knowing
how to rise. To lie down
and keep on lying with
the confidence of water
that if I let go
completely, transformation
happens somewhere downstream,
in a new season. Let me flail in
graceless surprise when what’s
beneath my feet
grows weary. Let me stumble
forever along a ledge
of light with no guarantee
the day will love me,
and no need of that.

—Kathryn Smith

This poem appeared in RiverLit issue 15

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  1. I was just thinking about walking out to 10-mile Falls, and now you’ve convinced me to leave my desk and do it! I’m at your site because I’m testing a hyperlink from the Holden site. It works.I’m putting up a bare bones page about the artist residency, We’re launching a new website in two weeks or so; I hope to put up something jazzier then. Mary Koch, Holden Village communications


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