Self-Portrait with Cephalopod forthcoming from Milkweed Editions

I’m thrilled to announce that my second-full length collection, Self-Portrait with Cephalopod, was selected by francine j. harris as the winner of the Copper Nickel Jake Adam York Prize. Milkweed Editions will publish the book in early 2021.

Read the full announcement here. 

Embroidery erasure poems in The Journal

Huge thanks to The Journal, The Ohio State University’s lit mag, for publishing three of my textural erasure poems in their most recent issue! View them here:
Development of the Fraud
From Shadow to Light

The source text for these poems is “The Death-blow to Spiritualism” by Reuben Briggs Davenport, published in 1888. These pieces are part of an ongoing project combining poetry, erasure, and embroidery called “Chosen Companions of the Goblin,” based on the lives of the Fox Sisters. I received support for this project from Spokane Arts.

2018 Get Lit! Festival

Many thanks to Spokane Public Radio for asking me to read from Book of Exodus to help promote this year’s Get Lit! Festival in Spokane. Here’s a link to an archived recording of the show, where you’ll also hear Maya Jewell Zeller, Bruce Holbert, and Brooke Matson.

And check out the Get Lit! lineup if you’re in Spokane! Here’s what I’ll be participating in:

Apples, eggs, and the four horsemen

Thank you to Stirring, Duende, and The Boiler Journal for these recent publications! Click on the links below to read.

“You Know What They Say About Women and Apples” and “Describe the Sensation of Being Inhabited” in Stirring

“Do You Want to See More?,” “Rehearsal for the Apocalypse,” and “A Permeable Membrane in the Mutable Cosmos” in Duende

“Cracking the Egg” and “Creation Myth” in The Boiler Journal